Workshop: C1: Construction
[Oil and yacht varnish on paper on plywood. 175 x 35 x 4 cm, 2010]
Echo… : Black I 2010 (After Vicentino, The Battle of Lepanto) | Landscape (Killanny) 2009 | C1: Construction
[Oil, wall paint and yacht varnish on canvas, plywood and paper.
1750 x 1780 x 40 mm. 2009-2010.]
[Oil, pastels and yacht varnish on paper on plywood. Deconstructed wooden frame.
132 x 94 x 7 cm. 2012-2013]
Mock-up: Icarus 300 + Debris
[Oil, wall paint and wood stain on canvas and wood, bolts. 300 x 307 x 10 cm each]
Creatures I + II / Studies: the Geometry of Fear
[Colour pencils on paper on plywood, yacht varnish.
55.5 x 56 x 3 cm and 53 x 56 x 3 cm. 2010 – 2013]
Spectacles as Collective Confrontation of the New
Portrait Josef Szeiler (Double sided)
[Oil and pencil on beech, steel. 45 x 200 x 3 cm. 1994-1995. Contribution: A.H.]

The double negative. Defensive in its shield and shell, offensive via the arrow of its vector. At the front the negations, in black and red. In the background – the affirmation hesitates, trembles and tries to be born. [..] Timid life, timid yes, resulting colour, white yes in its original state in the hollow safety of the black and the red, protected by the nos.
Michel Serres about Carpaccio’s St. George and the Dragon.
From: Revisited: Michel Serres – Carpaccio / The Red and the Black

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