Selected Texts

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Paolo Uccello: The Battle of San Romano / Uccello 91
1991 : The Year of the First Gulf War…

Revisited: Michel Serrers – Carpaccio / The Red and the Black
From Carpaccio to Cy Twombly

Max Weiler – A Perception
Profile of the Austrian Painter Max Weiler

Digital Media versus Physical Painting
Notes regarding the digital painting issue of The Painting Imperative

Beauty as Depth of the Plane | Interview Mark Lammert
Conversation with the German painter and stage designer Mark Lammert

Theatre / Film / Communication

Revisited: Gábor Bódy
Celebrating the Availability of American Torso on DVD


Reiner Steinweg : TheaterAngelusNovus – A ‘Theatre of the Future’
About the Work of TheaterAngelusNovus at the Example of Brecht and Homer

Reiner Steinweg : Learning Play and Epic Theatre
Two Chapters from ‘Learning Play and Epic Theatre’

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