Studies and Responses

Uccello 91 [Oil on beech. Cherry wood frame. 179 x 127 x 3 cm. 1991] Contributions by Franciska Tkavc and Norbert Spiegl

I started painting in 1991 by copying 99 segments of Uccello’s Battle of San Romano onto small wooden blocks, then assembled to a larger painting. I kept up that principle approach of using historic paintings as a foil to study and respond to for over 2 decades, giving me a chance to study and try to understand what was before me, as well as an opportunity to find my own position.

These studies/responses started off as quite literal copies, trying to get insights into how things are made, or the state of mind, circumstances or world view that produced them, as well as being a study of my interests, of what I might pick out and why? They ended up as extremely gestural responses in later years.

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