Exposing Painting to the Elements

Immersed Painting [Oil on cotton, immersed in the sea. Realised at Dunany Beach, Co. Louth, as part of AAEX Installations on the Beach, June 2019. Stone installation in the background by Heather Cassidy]

I used to envy sculptors for their ability to display 3D objects outside, whereas paintings appear to be always perceived as precious – a maintenance problem, susceptible to slight changes in temperature and humidity, until I realised that oil paint (or even egg-tempera) is extremely resilient and can be used on loose cotton and displayed in pouring rain or even immersed in the sea.

I always experience the process of painting as a form of exposure, not unlike taking pictures with a camera, fine tuning and opening all senses in order to capture what is perceived. In this respect, displaying paintings outside, exposed to the wind or the rain, appears more fitting to convey that experience, than the precious display of framed pictures inside…

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