Response Panels (Vagabond)

Response Panels – Vagabond (Study: Delacroix I 2011)
Response Panels – Vagabond (Black II : 2010 Landscape)

Putting a painting in a box to travel, functioning both as frame and drawing board for an audience. Sharing and repeating my own process: responding to / copying a selected painting. Drawing sheets for different venues / time spans. Form to note contributor’s names. The set-up is flexible and mobile, response conditions may be adjusted and varied, maintaining the rule that there always need to be at least two, who respond together.

Response: Susan Farrelly + Bernhard Gaul, 2015

The set-up works well for smaller, one-on-one collaborations, as an opportunity to stand and draw and talk.

Set up in a public space the drawing panes become a public location, the shared responsibility of all, like other public spaces, with responses reaching from tender or timid contributions (if any) to vandalism over night (when no one is watching).

Brochure page VORBRENNER 15 covering the presentation of Response Panels (Vagabond) at RaumSprachen2, an inter-disciplinary exchange with students from Universität Innsbruck / studio3 and UMPRUM (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Prague) organised by VORBRENNER / Freies Theater Innsbruck
Innsbruck, October 2015

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