Poussin - 3 Studies

In response to Book No 1515 from the LFTT Library

Bernhard Gaul | June 2014

  LFTT Library conditions of loan:
[...] Books are loaned to those who wish to use them under the sole condition that in return the borrower must supply some form of documentation, including both text and image, which provides insight into how the life of the book is being further enacted.[...]
LFTT Library: Book 1515 "Poussin"

Transformation I

3 studies based on various images and text from book No 1515: “Poussin”. Rental period: June 2014.
All: 60 x 60 x 4 cm. Oil and colour pencil on paper on plywood, yacht varnish.


Transformations II-n


Bernhard Gaul: Poussin - 3 Studies - Transformations II-n Installation Instructions

The three paintings are to be displayed with a trestle table and stools. The table top is a plywood plate pasted with paper for the audience to draw on with drawing materials provided. The book, too, is to be made available as a resource to respond to.

The exposure period of the drawing plate is to be varied, but should be fixed beforehand (1 day, 1 week, 3 weeks,...). After that the drawing is to be sealed with yacht varnish.

List for contributors to note their names.



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