Exhibition: Bernhard Gaul – Studies and Responses

Artswell @ Íontas, Castleblayney, Co Monaghan, 19th February – 20th March 2013

Reception 22nd February 7 p.m. Directions 

Study: Delacroix I 2011 /
Study: Delacroix I 2011 [100 x 100 x 4 cm]
Black II : 2010 (Landscape) [100 x 100 x 4 cm]

The painter escapes every stoning, every wastage through the discourse. He only needs to set the sense-direction into space. And the morphology is a semantic.
Michel Serres about Carpaccio's St. Stephen

I started painting in 1991 with a study of the centre piece of Uccello's Battle of San Romano, copying segments from a reproduction onto 99 wooden blocks, later assembled to a fragmented painting.

The interests and methods of responding have changed over the years, yet using an existing painting as both reference and foil to work against has remained a core useful approach; it allows me to study and interact, experiment and respond.

Time is of essence in this and for many years I have shied away from making painting a practice I engage with publicly, allowing me to work as little or slowly as I find necessary to come to what I would consider fundamental expressions of what I find of concern. However, saying that, I made efforts in recent years in trying to find ways of sharing my paintings. I am grateful to Artswell @ Íontas for offering me this opportunity of a first solo exhibition in a public space that is effectively an internal piazza in a busy community centre, where multiple paths cross.

Bernhard Gaul, February 2013




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